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Taking Care of Your Church's Finances, 
So You Can Focus on Your Ministry

SamLyn Bookkeeping: Expert bookkeeping services for churches in Minnesota and the Tri-State Area.

About Us

Welcome to SamLyn Bookkeeping, your trusted partner in church financial management. My name is Callie, and I bring over 25 years of dedicated bookkeeping experience to support your ministry's financial needs.

At SamLyn Bookkeeping, we specialize in a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically for churches. Whether you're setting up QuickBooks for the first time, need a thorough cleanup of your existing system, or require detailed reports on expenses and deposits, we have the expertise to ensure your financial operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Our mission is driven by a deep-rooted passion for serving the Lord through meticulous financial stewardship. We understand the unique challenges churches face and are committed to providing solutions that uphold your values and enhance your ability to fulfill your mission.

Join the multitude of churches that trust SamLyn Bookkeeping. Experience the peace of mind that comes from having expert, dedicated, and faith-driven bookkeeping support.


Expertise in Church Finances
Benefit from our 25 years of experience with QuickBooks and church-specific accounting needs, ensuring your financial records are accurate and tailored to your ministry's requirements.
Focus on Your Ministry
 Let us handle the complexity of bookkeeping so you can save time and money, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most—your ministry and community.
 Peace of Mind
Reduce stress and frustration by entrusting your financial tasks to professionals who understand the nuances of church finances, giving you the freedom to make informed decisions without the headache.

SamLyn Bookkeeping

Discover our tailored bookkeeping services designed for churches across Minnesota and the tri-state area. From QuickBooks setup to detailed financial reporting, SamLyn Bookkeeping ensures accuracy and efficiency in managing your ministry's finances.
  • Reconciliation
  • Expense and Deposit Management
  • Setups and Cleanups
  • Bill Pay
  • 1099 Processing

Running our small church felt overwhelming until we found SamLyn Bookkeeping. We were drowning in receipts and struggling to keep track of everything. SamLyn came in, cleaned things up, and now everything is organized and clear. She even helped us catch some duplicate payments, saving us a ton of money! Now we can focus on what truly matters - serving our community." 

— Pastor Jarod Miller, Hope Community Church

Frequently Asked Questions
About Outsourcing Bookkeeping.

What are the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping processes can be the most challenging time of the week. Whether you are a bookkeeper, treasurer, volunteer or director of operations, managing the church finances can be challenging. Handling your own bookkeeping can quickly take over, letting other responsibilities take a backseat. Let SamLyn Bookkeeping help you get back on track, allowing you to do what you do best and keep your ministry thriving. Outsourcing bookkeeping helps to alleviate volunteers or the need to pay an employee to handle these responsibilities

Will there be a person available for questions?

Absolutely! We take pride in giving our clients value that exceeds our fees. We have one central bookkeeping email that all of the bookkeepers have access to. You will be assigned a bookkeeper, but if that person happens to be out for an extended period of time, there is a team that can step in. There is no interruption in your service. No need to wait for a “new volunteer or employee”. Your ministry does not feel the impact. “Business” continues as usual. We view every client relationship like a partnership and believe our success is the result of our personal support and service.

What questions do I ask when choosing a bookkeeper?

Do you understand designated (restricted) funds, how to set up a chart of accounts that fit the ministries, and do you have a general knowledge of church bookkeeping?

Is there still a need for an employee or volunteer and what is their responsibilities?

You will still need a volunteer or an employee on behalf of the church to scan and send bills that come in the mail and to send approved check requests.

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